How much are our estate agent fees?

We don't take a percentage of your selling price. Instead we charge a fixed fee. And with our Money Back Guarantee, if you're not sold, you don't pay*. It's that simple.

Rest of the UK
£999 (inc. VAT)
London & surrounding areas
£1,499 (inc. VAT)

Sell with confidence with our Money Back Guarantee

Choose from two payment options to suit your individual circumstances. Either way, you pay the exact same amount. And if you’re not sold, you don’t pay.

Pay now

Pay later with conveyancing

Pay now

  • Your one-off fee will be payable upon choosing to instruct us. Simple.
  • Have one less bill to worry about later down the line.
  • Have the option to use your own conveyancers, or take advantage of our third party conveyancing partner.

Pay later with conveyancing

  • Your one-off fee is payable once your house is sold, or up to 10 months after you instruct - whichever is sooner.
  • Gain access to our third party conveyancing partner and have one less thing to worry about.

Your fee is a 'lifetime fee'. This means that you can put your sale on hiatus at any time, and return to the market at the click of a button at no extra charge.

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Use our savings calculator to see exactly how much you could save compared to using traditional estate agents.

Our fixed fee (inc. VAT)

Rest of the UK
London & surrounding areas
Your property value
Commission level
Your savings:
Savings based on fixed fee of £999. Fee is payable up front if you choose Pay now, or up to 10 months after you instruct if you choose Pay later with conveyancing.
*Money Back Guarantee
Money back guarantee of fixed fee redeemable if no qualifying offer is made within 10 months. Qualifying offers are 90% of the property valuation provided. EPC and conveyancing fees are excluded. Terms and conditions apply.

Other costs to consider when selling your home

Moving home is a big life event – which is why it's good to get an upfront understanding of all the potential costs involved.

Stamp Duty

When buying a property, you may need to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT). This is dependent on property price, type, location, and the type of buyer you are. Find out how much Stamp Duty you may need to pay today.


Unless you are a cash buyer, you will need a deposit when buying a property. Your deposit amount is a percentage of the property price, usually varying from 25% or higher for second time buyers.

Legal Fees

A licenced conveyancer is required to carry out all legal work when you are buying or selling a property. If you choose Pay later with conveyancing, you get access to our third party conveyancing partner.


Your mortgage fees will be determined by the mortgage lender and the interest rate that comes with the loan they provide. This can be fixed for a number of years, or variable, which means it can fluctuate monthly.
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What is commission and why don’t you charge it?

Traditional estate agents have charged too much, for too long. That's why we charged a fixed fee instead of a percentage to keep things simple and fair.
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Will I get the same 'high street' service?

Many of our Local Property Experts started out as traditional high street estate agents, which means you're getting the same great service, and more.
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Our approach explained

How does it all work?

Want to get up to speed with the Purplebricks way of doing things? That's fine by us. We're all about simplicity, transparency and trust.
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FAQs about estate agent fees

Get answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about estate agent fees and services.

According to a July 2018 survey conducted by TheAdvisory, average estate agent fees are currently 1.42% including 20% VAT. Individually, fees usually vary from anywhere between 1-3%.

The Money Back Guarantee of our fixed fee is redeemable if no qualifying offer is made within 10 months. Qualifying offers are 90% of the property valuation provided. EPC and conveyancing fees are excluded.

The duties of an estate agent are regulated by the Estate Agents act 1979 - but charging commission is part of a contract set out by the estate agent, meaning the percentage they charge is completely up to them.

While not typical in the UK, some smaller or independent estate agents may be willing to negotiate their percentage. That said, it is unlikely to dip much lower than 1%. Larger, nationwide estate agents are less willing, due to strict policies they will have in place regarding commission levels.

Fees presented by traditional estate agents are required by law to include VAT, but it is worth bearing in mind that some estate agents may still decide to exclude this information. If so, there will be an additional 20% to consider on top of the advertised fee. Purplebricks’ fees are inclusive of VAT, so the price you see is the price you pay.