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We’ll get you sold – three times! How train driver Oliver Alvis sold three properties with Purplebricks

Oliver Alvis is a train driver and private pilot from Chippenham in Wiltshire, who has sold not one, not two but three properties with Purplebricks. He purchased, renovated and added value to each property, before selling them on for a profit, so that by the age of 28 he is now mortgage free.  

Here’s Oliver property journey so far...  

Being one of six children, Oliver was taught the value of hard work by his parents. Being parents to such a large brood meant they were not able to offer Oliver any financial assistance with deposits for houses or to attend university. So, Oliver got a job with Great Western Railway in 2012, working his way up from collecting tickets to becoming a qualified train driver in 2019. Oliver undertook many overtime shifts working around the clock to save for the deposit on his first ever property, a two-bedroom flat in Allington, Chippenham which he purchased for £125,000.   

Oliver explains, “I was 18, living at home and sharing a room with my brother. I got a job on the railway to save for university, and then I was able to buy my first place when I was 20. I added value to the property by redecorating, retiling the kitchen and bathroom, and hand painted the kitchen cupboards. I also added a fireplace to make it feel more homely. I sold the property for £150k, making a £25k profit on the sale. I sold this property through an estate agent who charged 1.5% + VAT, which added up to quite a lot of money.” 

Oliver then used the profit from his first sale to purchase a three-bedroom house on Great Mead in Chippenham with two bathrooms for £216,000. He said, “After selling my first flat I really wanted to buy a house and saw one available to buy with Purplebricks.”  

“After buying, I immediately set about decorating the property throughout. This was a tiring period as all my spare time was filled up with DIY and renovating the property. All the hard work was worth it as I then sold the property with Purplebricks for £238,000. I really liked how with Purplebricks, buyers and sellers can directly communicate via the app – it’s so much easier and quicker. I also realised how much money you could save in contrast to regular high street estate agents as the Purplebricks fee was less than a thousand pounds, so I made considerable savings there.” 

Oliver then bought his third property, a three-bedroom riverside townhouse in Bristol. Oliver bought this house for £252,000 and, once again, rolled his sleeves up and did extensive work to the house, adding in an extra bathroom and creating an open plan living room as well as general painting and decorating. 

Oliver said, “I completely altered the property, knocking down walls, replastering throughout, and did it on my own alongside my full-time job. All the hard work was worth it as I sold the property with Purplebricks for £307,000, again making considerable savings compared to selling with a high street agent. Purplebricks allows for a very personal approach, which I loved. I can work long hours, so it was nice to fit in the viewings at my house around my shift work – all organised directly with viewers through the app.”