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Top Tips for selling your home

Putting your home on the market is a huge life decision and one which takes a lot of careful consideration and thoughtful planning.


Purplebricks are proud to work with over 600 local experts located across the UK, each dedicated to taking you through the whole process of selling your home, from start to finish. 


Here to help you on your journey to getting sold, Purplebricks local expert and Brecon resident, Rob Fearnley, shares his top tips for preparing your home for market. 

  1. First impressions are everything, so ensure your property looks its best prior to your photos being taken and before each viewing. Remove or hide unnecessary items that may be cluttering a room to help show off the space you have. The same applies to outside spaces. Potential viewers will often pass by before deciding whether to book a viewing so make sure the front of your property is clear, clean and bins are stored out of sight.
  2. If you have a room that isn't used, help buyers visualise how they could use the space by dressing the room. This could be adding a desk to showcase the room's potential as a home office.
  3. Before your photographs are taken, ask a friend for their honest opinion. They may spot something that can be easily addressed, fixed or improved, leading to a better viewing experience.
  4. Before each viewing, eliminate any house odours that might be present from pets or cooking. This can be as easy as opening windows or lighting a scented candle. Additionally, ensure your property is warm and inviting as there’s nothing worse than viewing a cold house in winter.
  5. Your agent will be able to help you identify your key buyers and what budget they are likely to have. Pricing too strongly might lead to less or no interest and therefore lower offers in the long run. Pricing correctly should lead to a competitive marketing campaign and strong offers.

If you’re thinking of selling your home this year and would like further advice from our local experts, get your virtual or in home valuation booked today. Let’s get you sold shall we?

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