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Selling your home checklist - everything you need to know

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Selling a house can be stressful and sometimes feel overwhelming but it’s also an exciting time. Purplebricks is there to help you every step of the way, saving you money and making the process as easy and as stress free as possible for you, as the seller and your buyer.

1. Making the decision

• There are many reasons for moving: you need a bigger or a smaller home, family situations have changed, relocating with a new job, or maybe you want to cash in on the property’s value… whatever ever the reason Purplebricks are here to help.

• First do the sums. Check out what you’ll need to budget for. How much is your home worth, how much is left on the mortgage, is there an early redemption charge on the mortgage, how much will a new property cost, how much do I need to cover the sale, removal and other costs?

• Once you’ve made the decision to sell it’s time to contact an agent. Purplebricks will appoint a dedicated Local Property Expert who will provide a free valuation and discuss the best way to sell your home.

Agent talking to lady whilst viewing a home


2. How will I sell my property?

• You’ll need an agent who knows the patch, will give you a realistic valuation and provide a strategy to sell your home.

• Setting the asking price too high and you risk no offers, too low and you may miss out on a profit. The price you set depends on how quickly you want to sell and the local market conditions.

• Choosing which agent to go with is next. Purplebricks provides no surprises when it comes to the fees. We charge a fixed fee of £999 (or £1499 in London and surrounding area). Typically the High Street charges 1.3% (plus VAT) on the selling price (source Which?) There’s also an option for your Local Property Expert to handle viewings for you at a flat fee of £300 or £399 in London and surrounding areas should you wish.

• If you choose to instruct Purplebricks, your Local Property Expert will arrange professional photography, draw up a floor plan and prepare an advert which is placed on Rightmove and Zoopla and other popular property portals. These are visited daily by millions of people.

• You’ll receive a ‘For Sale’ sign and access to the Purplebricks app means you can track interest in your property, arrange viewings and receive offers. Your Local Property Expert and the Purplebricks support centre are there to help. This is the modern way to sell a home. We also have a guide on costs associated with moving house which may help.

3. Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

• An EPC contains information on your home’s energy use and grades how energy efficient your home is as well as containing a recommendation on improvements that can be made to reduce energy consumption.

• This is a legal requirement for all homes before they are listed on the market.

• The certificate is valid for 10 years and your Local Property Expert can help you arrange this if you haven’t already got one.

Man and Woman sat on floor cleaning the kitchen

4. Prepare the home for viewings

• Tidy up and get rid of any clutter, especially the outside as first impressions count. Do those little repairs you never got around to and give the house a fresh lick of paint if needed.

• If you have pets get rid of any bad odours and pet hairs and ensure everywhere is clean. Our guide will help you to get your home ready for upcoming viewings.

• Some suggest baking bread, lighting a fire or turning up the heating which can give the house a warm feeling especially during the Winter months. It may also be a good idea for the family to go out during a viewing to allow prospective buyers to view your home in its entirety.

• With Purplebricks, potential buyers can leave feedback so you’ll know exactly what they’re thinking and if there are any minor changes that need to be made to your home to increase the chances of selling.

5. Received an offer, what to do next?

• Congratulations – you’ve received an offer! This is where it gets exciting! However, it’s important to consider the following: is the offer what you wanted? Are you willing to accept that offer? If it’s lower than you asked for, do you hang on for a better deal or think it’s the best you will get?

• Your Local Property Expert can advise and help handle negotiations with the buyer.

• Once you’re happy, you’ll need to formally accept and the property comes off the market. 

• Accepting an offer is not legally binding and you can still change your mind. However, going on to accept a higher offer (gazumping) is not something anyone likes, nor is gazundering, where a buyer tries to force down a price already agreed.