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Purplebricks joins the rainbow trail

Rainbows - a symbol of hope - are appearing in streets across the country as children brighten up homes and put paintings in windows. 

This rainbow trend seems to have started in Italy but has now spread across the globe. Communities are being brightened as all kinds of multi-coloured creations spring up and social media is awash with images shared with the hashtag #rainbowtrail. 

With Purplebricks For Sales boards in streets across the country, this sparked an idea - and now our customers can join the ‘Rainbow trail’, in a very special way. 

Anyone selling their house with us can ask for a white For Sale slip - and then decorate it with all the colours of the Rainbow. We’re hoping to see all kinds of creations - anything you think will bring a smile to your neighbours and people who see it. 

If you want to get involved, please DM us via our @PurplebricksUK Facebook or Twitter page and we’ll send one out for free over the coming weeks. 

We’d love to see the results - so please post your handiwork on social media and simply tag us using the hashtag #rainbowtrail and #TeamPB.
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