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On a mission against commission....

Ever wondered why some estate agents don’t publish their commission rates? Us too!

An estimated £89 million a week is paid in commission to high street estate agents. Yes, a week! So we recently took to the high street, in an attempt to campaign against unfair commission and encourage more agents to publish their rates upfront, in the name of transparency and fairer service.

But it’s only fair we do the same too, right? 

At Purplebricks, we care about transparency, which is why you can find our flat fee rates, and exactly what you’re getting for your money, published across our website. Our classic package starts from £1,199 (including VAT), £1,999 (including VAT) for London and surrounding areas. Find out which rate applies to you by using our online fee checker. Accompanied viewings and advert upgrades are included in our optional pro packages, available for £1,599 (including VAT) or £2,499 (including VAT) for London and surrounding areas. We also practice the same transparency when it comes to our Lettings fees too.

We understand that when researching which agent to sell your home through, it can at times get confusing when trying to calculate how much a commission percentage will actually cost you, and how this compares against a simple flat fee like ours. This is why we have a comparison calculator on our website, meaning you can directly compare our flat fee rates vs any high street commission percentage you’ve been quoted, allowing you to see in monetary value, how much you could be saving by using Purplebricks. And you genuinely could save thousands with Purplebricks. Last year, customers saved on average £2,122.40 when using Purplebricks vs a high street agent, charging an average commission of 1.3%. How much could you save? 

Whilst we charge an upfront fee for our services, payable regardless of sale, our local experts are invested in selling your property. We are proud to have completed on over 90% of our properties last financial year. 90.42% to be exact. 

  • Number of instructions last year - 40,141
  • Number of completions last year - 36, 294

So join us in championing for better transparency, by encouraging other agents to publish their commission rates upfront too.

- To find out more about the claim we make “an estimated £89 million a week is paid in commission to high street estate agents” visit our claim substantiation here

You can also find out more about our commission saving claim here

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