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Meet The Team: Tom Kirk

We're back with another Meet The Team interview. Today we chatting with Manchester Local Property Expert, Tom Kirk. Read on...

Simon: What’s great about Manchester?

Tom: For me, Manchester will always be the second city and it's only going to continue to develop. The BBC moving into Media City at Salford Quays has made a huge difference over there and the money that Manchester City FC owners are pumping into east Manchester is just phenomenal. The city itself is buzzing with plenty of shops, restaurants and bars which are all only a short walk from each other. The surrounding villages such as Didsbury, Chorlton and Hale are all very desirable areas to live with most homes being snapped up in days of being on the market!!

Simon: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

Tom: I'm actually an assistant referee in the Football League. It has always been an ambition of mine to referee in the Premier League so hopefully I can continue to make strides towards that.

Simon: If you had to choose your last meal what would it be? 

Tom: Rare steak, salad and chips. 

Simon: What’s your favourite property on our listings? 

Tom: It's sold already but for me, Tariff Street in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. I have always been a fan of converted developments which are full of character and this is one of the nicest I have seen. As for one currently listed, I'll go with Abbeydale Road

Simon: What advice would you give first time buyers? 

Tom: Don’t rush into anything. Really target an area you are looking for otherwise you will overwhelm yourself! Save yourself a healthy deposit, speak with an independent mortgage advisor and not just your bank then get your viewings booked in. Enjoy the experience – it genuinely should be exciting!!

Simon: We'll finish with some quick fire questions…..early bird or night owl? 

Tom: Night Owl.

Simon: Football or Rugby? 

Tom: Football.

Simon: Superman or Batman? 

Tom: Batman

Simon: Winter or Summer? 

Tom: Difficult one, going to go with winter as skiing in the Alps is unbeatable.

Simon: Coffee or Tea? 

Tom: Coffee.

Simon: And finally……..what’s your best joke? 

Tom: A lobster walks into a bar one evening and asks the barman for a pint. The barman looks at him and says ‘No chance I'm serving you pal’. Lobster frowns, "Why not" he asks. Barman replies "Cos every night you come in here givin’ it all that! (hold both your arms up and open and close your hands like lobsters claws)

About Tom Kirk

Tom began his career in the tough market of 2008. The knowledge and experience Tom has gained from managing branches for leading high street agents has enabled him to understand what the client really needs.
To contact Tom regarding property in Manchester & Altrincham, you can do so via: 

Twitter: @tomkpb
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