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Meet the Team : Emma O'Sullivan

Hello all! Welcome to the very first Purplebricks ‘Meet the Team’ interview. A weekly series in which we’ll be shining a light on personalities that make up the PB team. Conducted by myself, Simon Hubble, the Social Media chap at Purplebricks Towers. We’re kicking off the series by heading to North Birmingham for our inaugural chat with the lovely Emma O’Sullivan.

Simon: Afternoon Emma, we’ll start off with this...what’s great about the North Birmingham?

Emma: North Birmingham is brilliant because it’s so diverse. There is a lovely mix of suburban towns like Sutton Coldfield and Lichfield coupled with more urban areas like Stechford, Erdington and Chelmsley Wood. Whichever area I am working in I am guaranteed to meet down to earth, friendly people who I can warm to immediately. We have fantastic transport links with Birmingham International Airport and train stations on our doorstep. There is always exciting redevelopment projects happening around us with the most recent being the ‘Genting’ site based at the NEC.

Simon: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? 

Emma: Architecture or interior design. Either way it would definitely involve property as I love houses and old buildings with history.

Simon: If you had to choose your last meal what would it be?

Emma: My last meal would be a chicken tikka balti with potatoes and pilau rice! You can’t grow up in Birmingham and not love Indian food!

Simon: What would you name the autobiography of your life?

Emma: My autobiography would be called ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ people close to me will know why.

Simon: What’s your favourite property on our listings? 

Emma: My favourite PB property is one of mine in Curdworth called Fields House. It’s a huge five bedroom detached set on a private road. I have three children and five nieces and nephews who would absolutely love the space to run wild in.

Simon: Now for a few quick fire questions…..early bird or night owl?

Emma: Night owl!

Simon: Football or Rugby?

Emma: Football

Simon: Superman or Batman?

Emma: Batman

Simon: Winter or Summer?

Emma: Torn on this one as I love snow but I will say summer as it means beach holidays!

Simon: Coffee or Tea?

Emma: Tea, tea and more tea!

Simon: And finally……..what’s your best joke?

Emma: ‘Knock, knock’

              ‘Who’s there?’


              ‘Tank who?’

              ‘You’re welcome!’ 

              (This is very cute when my three year old says it)

About Emma O'Sullivan

Emma has spent over 10 years in the property industry with her primary focus being to provide excellent service to all her customers. As a working mum with three children, Emma understands just how hectic life can become when buying, selling or letting your property therefore aims to make the property process as stress free as possible.

If you’d like to contact Emma regarding property in North Birmingham, you can do so via:

Twitter: @emmaospb

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