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Meet our Home Support Artists: Joe Joyce

How did you first get involved in art? 

enjoyed doing art at home and at school. My Dad taught me how to oil paint when I was in primary school and my Mum did pottery. They'd always encourage me to be creative. I also had good art teachers in primary and secondary school, so I went to study Art Foundation aMiddlesex University.  


What do you enjoy most about painting? 

I love painting because it gives me a focus, and it’s also a way of expressing yourself. When you see people paint a picture or create something, they leave a bit of themselves in what they produce. It can explain their personality, their interests or the direction they're going in life 


Which artists are you inspired by? 

I like Chuck Close, who's a photorealist, and Alex Grey, who creates diagrams of the body and the spirit. Jean-Michel Basquiat also inspired me in that it's not about the amount of detail you can convey, it's about the expression and the feeling it gives you.  


What are the similarities between sport and art? 

They both require discipline and dedication. You must practice hard in both and push the boundaries of what you can do. Art is a good balance from the training in sport. It's good to have a bit of time to reflect and focus on something else. When you're so focused on one thing and trying so hard to get something right or improve and get stronger, it forces you into a sole focus and sometimes it's good to take a step back. When you come back to it, you're fresh and ready to grab it with both hands.  


How did it feel to be asked to produce art for the Home Support campaign? 

It's a great honour to be chosen to produce work in the build-up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. It's a pleasure to hone my skills again and come up with something that is going to inspire athletes. The Olympics is an amazing experience so to have my artwork on Purplebricks boards up and down the country, and to be involved in this Olympics in some way is brilliant. I’ve loved going back in the studio to create something to share with people. 


Why will the support from home be more important than ever in Tokyo? 

Home support will be more important this summer because there may not be spectators at the Games. You're in another country, so it's great to have that pride and home support to really make you more comfortable and to perform at your best. It’s such a proud moment, having the country behind you, you’re representing the nation. It’s so great to give back and inspire the athletes competing in Tokyo.  

What's the biggest challenge of competing abroad? 

The hardest thing about fighting abroad is that you're on the enemy's turf and you don't get the advantage of the home crowd and their support. It will be great to show Team GB that support from home to give them that extra encouragement and motivation. 


Describe your Home Support painting. 

It was such an honour to create a special piece of art for the Olympics. I wanted my image to reflect the power of Team GB, so my final piece is of the lion, incorporated with the Union Jack. 


What is the main purpose behind the Home Support campaign? 

It's about showing our support from home. As an athlete, it really gives you something to look at and, you can take that encouragement and aim for gold.  

I look forward to seeing my art on Purplebricks boards and as limited-edition prints. I hope the athletes who see it will know they're being supported from back home and feel inspired to push that little bit harder.  


What’s next for you with boxing? 

I’m back training again, picking it up with potentially some massive fights this year. I’m ready and waiting for action. I don’t have the time to sit and wait around. This is my time now, I’m in my prime and I’m ready to win a world title.