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Make the High Street part of the community again

Make the High Street part of the community again

What makes people move into an area or move within that area? Is it location? Is it schools? Is it the local amenities and rail links? Is it the community spirit? What makes us say when we visit a quaint town, village or city that we would love to live there? In many ways you can get a real feel for an area by the nature of their high street.

Wouldn't it be great to see a high street full of local shops, owned and operated by local people and offering a really interesting insight into their skills, dreams and ambitions? Wouldn't it be great for there to be less betting shops, estate agents and insurance brokers? Wouldn't it be great for local people to have more money in their pockets to spend in their local community, helping it grow and develop? Where is the answer?

There are currently over 60 local authorities lobbying the Government for a change in the planning laws to stop betting shops, estate agents and insurance brokers using the high street as a place to advertise the fact that their services are all accessed and operated online. If you asked the owners of any of these businesses how much of their business is operated online and how much via their shops it is almost certain that only a very small fraction would come from the high street. The world has changed. I know from my own experience of estate agency on the high street that nobody (and I mean virtually nobody) comes into a high street location. All the business is operated online or on the telephone. I am sure the same can be said for betting shops and insurance brokers.

I believe that Purplebricks will play a small part in making the high street part of the community again. Anyone using our service to sell their home will save on average £5,200, leaving them with more money in their pocket to spend on their high street or on their new home. They will no longer be financing a desolate shop front and hopefully by reinvesting their hard earned cash in their local community we will start to see many many more of those interesting local shops, owned and operated by local people. Certainly our Local Property Experts will be investing their income back into their local community to help in the fight against what can be best described as legal fly-posting. I am confident that local authorities, the government, local people and sensible businesses will play their part.
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