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Local Area Guide  - Peckham

Meet Jazz Ettienne, our area director covering Peckham. Having lived in Peckham and surrounding areas for 31 years, Jazz knows the local neighbourhood like the back of his hand, with deep roots and firm connections within the local area, being heavily involved in the community alongside his family. A family member of Jazz’s even owns three local businesses in the area. Having 10+ years of estate agency experience in and around the area, Jazz is our go-to expert for knowing all the cultural spots and main attractions Peckham has to offer its residents. We asked Jazz to share some of his local knowledge with us, and what he loves about his hometown of Peckham.

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About Peckham 

Located in the Borough of Southwark and home to a rich culture and ethnically diverse population, Peckham has undergone significant regeneration over recent years, but undoubtedly, the community remains at the heart of its identity.

Peckham, for some generations, will be remembered as the area where Only Fools and Horses was based upon and some will also remember the area as where Desmond’s Barber Shop was filmed on Bellenden Road. Fast forward some years and Peckham is now known for producing many famous names, including the likes of footballers Rio & Anton Ferdinand, rapper Giggs, actor and producer John Boyega and musician Katy B, amongst many others.

Arguably, there are several distinct identities of Peckham, each of which you can catch glimpses of throughout daily life. During the early hours between 7.30-9.00am, Peckham wakes up with city professionals bustling to train lines making their morning commute into central London. After 9am, the shops, fruit and veg stalls and Peckham Market open, reflecting the typical daily life associated with old school Peckham. There’s also the creative side to Peckham, attracting many from the art and music scene. Musical artists including M.I.A have even shot videos and enjoyed the culture Peckham has to offer. 

Local attractions & points of interest 

If you want to live in a neighbourhood which truly reflects what life is really like in London, Peckham is for you. Full of fun, food and fantastic art and music venues, you’ll never be bored of things to do. 

Located close to Peckham Rye Station, it won’t take you long to stumble across the social and cultural heart of Peckham. With a history dating back to the 1990s, Copeland Park and Bussey Building is a hub for community, grass-root small businesses, home to local independent bars and eateries, cinemas, studios, workshops and event spaces. At the heart of Copeland Park lies the Copeland Gallery, a white walled exhibition space often used for photography shoots, modern art exhibitions and also lends itself as a filming location. 

A stone's throw away, you’ll find Peckham Levels, home to 7 floors with over 100 more local and independent businesses, from social enterprises and yoga studios, to designers and food & drink start ups. 

If an evening out at the cinema is something that you enjoy, you’ll be well located near to Peckhamplex, one of London’s most popular independent cinemas. Enjoy everything from blockbuster films, to independent screenplays to relax to, all for under a fiver! 

Creativity runs deep in the veins of Peckham, and this extends into its architecture too. Head slightly north of Peckham Levels to discover the bold and innovative designs of Alsop and Störmer. Peckham Library, a Stirling prize-winning library, is not just a spectacle to look at. Raised 12 metres above the ground,  it offers a great place to enjoy amazing views over London. 

For those days when you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle, Peckham Rye Park & Common lends itself to lovely walks and time to unwind. The green space is open and is said to be 64 acres which separates Nunhead / Dulwich and Peckham, but also acts as an excellent meeting spot in the summer, superb for picnics and drinks with friends. If you are into fitness, you can make the most of  the parks outdoor green gym, football pitches or enter the Peckham 10k event, which takes place in the park. 

And we cannot forget a firm favourite event which takes place every Sunday morning, when Peckhams Farmer’s Market serves its residents a delicious choice of produce from local farms, including fruit & veg, artisan breads and local cheeses. 

Shopping, dining & culture 

Asides from everything Copeland Park and Peckham Levels has to offer shoppers seeking independent local brands, Rye Lane is packed with everything you could possibly need, from vintage clothing shops to market stalls and everything in between. For your national retailers, head to Peckham high street and the multiple shopping centres in Peckham, making shopping a real treat. 

If a decent food scene and good nightlife is high on your priority list, you’ll be pleased to hear that night life in Peckham is second to none. You have an array of independent restaurants that come hidden under the arches, amazing gastro pubs and street food scattered across Peckham, offering food for everyone. There’s also without doubt some pretty unforgettable London views to be enjoyed from eateries and bars within Bussey Building and Peckham levels. 


If you are looking to move to the area with a young family, there is an excellent choice of local schools in Peckham or Camberwell that are rated either good or outstanding by Ofsted**. Highly regarded primary schools include John Donne Primary School,  Dog Kennel Hill School and The Belham Primary School. For secondary education, The St Thomas the Apostle College and Sacred Heart Catholic School are rated outstanding and Harris Academy Peckham is rated good. 

Peckham is also home to Goldsmiths university which is internationally known for creativity and its innovations, specialising in the study of creative, cultural and social subjects.


Transport links from anywhere in Peckham are good. Typically, the more central you live in Peckham, the more you have access to, with overground stations Peckham Rye station and Queens Road Peckham both well located for easy access. If you are looking to move to Nunhead Village, then you will have access to Nunhead station and Honor Oak Station. London Bridge is within walking distance for residents living at the Walworth end of Peckham, or you can take a bus into Elephant and Castle or Borough tube station.


There have been ongoing talks of plans to build a tube station on Old Kent road, which to those who have played monopoly would have seen that’s one of the first properties you can buy on the famous board game. Old Kent road is undergoing a major revamp with the potential for a tube station, extended off the back of the Bakerloo revamp


Postcodes to live

Despite being one main postcode (SE15), Peckham is split into three different areas - Peckham, Bellenden & Nunhead and Nunhead Village. Although all three share the same postcode, they each offer something different to their residents. 

Firstly, work out what you want from Peckham. Do you want to be in the hustle and bustle of Peckham or do you want to be located somewhere a little quieter? If you want to soak up the vibe then we would suggest you search directly around the hub of Rye Lane. If you are looking for a bigger property slightly further out, consider Nunhead or Nunhead Village as you still have good schools but you are a little further from the buzz of Peckham, albeit still within walking distance. Finally if you’re looking to be on the triangle of Camberwell, Peckham and Dulwich then Bellenden Village is your area! You benefit from being in all three areas and having access to some of the best schools.


If Peckham is on your search list, check out the homes we have on the market right now. 


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*Britain’s biggest estate agent brand claim based on independent research from Twenty-CI, see for full details.

** Ofsted performance data 2021

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