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Leicester City - There's A Lesson There

It has been an almost impossible dream to win the English Premier League for any side. That it has been realised by a team that 12 months previously were within a few seconds of being relegated is nothing short of astonishing.

The more famous clubs who have lost out to Leicester, may well look at their expensively compiled squads, and think that something has gone wrong.

The truth is that they’ve all been guilty of complacency, believing that one of the established clubs will win once again as they have, in a boringly predictable fashion, for seemingly hundreds (well at least tens) of years.

Complacency though has a lovely way of biting back, when you succumb to it.

Ask Tesco. Ask a London cabbie. Ask the banking industry.

It’s one of the great privileges as a human being to see the underdog win. People who have never heard of most of the Leicester side will be celebrating their victory – just because it means the arrogant complacent ones have lost.

We, as a race (and I mean the human race) hate people who are complacent and who believe they have an automatic right to success without justifying it in some way.

So anything new – a new model of  providing a product or service, always has a number of fans from day 1.

“They are giving it a go. Trying something new. Hats off to them,” they say whilst most will still carry on with their existing  purchasing habits.

At Purplebricks, we’ve felt the anger of the estate agency establishment as we have progressed over the last couple of years, saving many thousands of people a heap of money in estate agency charges as well as offering what we believe to be a much better service than the established estate agents had been offering for a number of years.

There’s an impeccable logic to why Purplebricks has been so successful.

There’s really no logic as to why Leicester City have been and that’s what makes it all the more remarkable.

Why does a reasonably experienced  player who cost £400,000 perform better than someone costing £60m?

How do you put together a team full of the former types that  consistently beat teams full of the multi-million pound players?

As the late David Coleman would have said – ‘Quite remarkable’.

And it really is.

What better way to demonstrate the downsides of complacency?

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