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It’s Not An Easy Path To Number 1

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success" – Henry Ford

It’s really not easy doing start up companies. Most fail before they begin trading and the ones that do begin trading, 50% succumb within their first year.

For that very reason, on 11th May 2015, there was a collective whoop of joy when Purplebricks were announced as Startups 100 No.1 Startup of the year. 

We’d previously whooped (is that a word?), when we had overtaken every other alternative to the traditional high street estate agent a few months earlier. Rightmove stats had also revealed that we were the number 1 estate agent, of any kind, in Basingstoke.

The two founders (Michael and Kenny Bruce) had been planning meticulously since 2011. Helped by a variety of different people, the idea was to bring a game-changing service to the realm of the estate agency. An idea that came to fruition in April 2014.

The service itself wasn’t a bit cheaper. It was a lot cheaper. It wasn’t just a bit better. It was a lot better.

It was a perfect merger of people and technology that had ‘exceeding consumers’ expectations’ as its primary goal.

Traditional estate agents hate it with a vengeance. Customers who’ve tried it absolutely love it, as shown by the independent Trustpilot reviews which you can read here

An outsider may look in and say ‘Well of course a new kind of estate agency would work – everyone hates traditional estate agents”. In reality though, lots of people had tried to offer something different for many years and had failed to make a real impact.

The real difference with Purplebricks is that it puts consumer needs above everything else – even a 91 year old customer has said she found it really easy to use.

Coming together and creating such easy to use technology does take a lot of effort. Making sure it's also robust enough to cope with the traffic levels we are now experiencing, takes lots and lots of planning. 

Normally what happens is that the technology needs to be rebuilt many times over and the original marketing budget gets reduced to nothing, as the very reasonable argument that ‘there’s no point promoting something that doesn’t work well’ diverts the available money from marketing to technology.

With Purplebricks that didn’t happen. Working together we were able to spend a decent amount of money advertising that we were better than the alternatives. 

The whole company risked their safe career progression and financial security to make it happen. That’s why winning the Startups 100 award is important – a true vindication of a collaborative approach to make things better for the customer. 

Politicians – are you listening?

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