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Product Development: What, How and Why!

Everyone has heard companies, big and small, wow us with those celestial buzz words “invent” and “innovate”. I’m sure we’ve been guilty too. But, what do these two words mean? Are they just for marketing gurus or do they actually benefit the end user?

Well, put simply, invention is what you do and innovation is how you do it. Innovation is about doing something better and smarter that will make a positive difference. 

“I see no advantage in these new clocks. They run no faster than the ones made 100 years ago.” Henry Ford

For us, this encompasses everything that we do from a technical (development) perspective. 

Using a very basic example, does it really matter whether we call a customer to arrange a viewing, send them a text or jot them an email? Yes, one may be quicker than the other at a particular time of the day (we like to cover all bases and do all three!), but ultimately, the output is the same – a viewing is arranged. 

The really interesting step forward is how we do it. Allowing a customer, at their own convenience, to arrange that viewing - on their own terms, instantly, 24/7, via a live and interactive platform. A process that never fails and always delivers. 

And why? 

Because it’s interesting? Or good from a PR perspective? Maybe it pushes somehow the technical landscape of what can be achieved? 


Everything we do at Purplebricks is about the customer. 

In software development, we are not just a team of talented software engineers and designers, but a devoted and caring team of product engineers. Our product (the eZie® platform) is innovation. It’s one and only purpose is about using the fabric of what innovation means for the benefit, convenience and objectives of the customer. 

Of course, our hybrid model of mixing that technology with equally devoted and caring Local Experts is also innovation. Giving the customer as much, or as little control as they want. But always, at their convenience, delivered in the most effective way.

The next time you hear a company boasting about innovation – question them. Ask them what they have done and more importantly, why?

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