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How one savvy seller has saved nearly £18,000 in estate agency fees

Savvy seller Andrea Whitehead has sold not one, not two but five properties with Purplebricks and saved a staggering £18,000 in traditional estate agency fees.

With the property market on the move again following lockdown, as well as the stamp duty holiday announced last week, it’s never been a better time to get moving. And savvy seller Andrea Whitehead from Leeds has saved thousands by choosing Purplebricks over traditional estate agents. She says she is 'puzzled' as to why anyone would choose to use such an 'archaic system' as an estate agency to sell a house.


“It’s online and 24/7 – why would you wait for a local high street agent to open? I’ve accepted viewings at 3am before! There’s no other way to sell.”


Andrea chose to use Purplebricks when she sold her first home, a 5-bedroom detached house in Leeds. At the time, Andrea felt the commission would be too much to pay, so she decided to give Purplebricks a go – and she’s never looked back since. On that first property, Andrea saved £9,500 in estate agency fees, and with her most recent property, a 3-bedroom semi-detached house which sold in just 24 hours, she saved £4,200 in fees. In fact, she has saved nearly £18,000 from selling five properties with Purplebricks over recent years:

House #

Type of property

£ sold for

Sold in


Purplebricks Fee

Traditional estate agent fee*


5 bed detached home


5 weeks





2 bed  flat


24 hours





3 bed semi


5 days





3 bed semi


36 hours





3 bed semi


24 hours





As well as the lower fees, Andrea also likes the control and involvement she has over her property sales.


“You’re in full control but you can get help and support from your local agent if you need it.”


Andrea shares some of her top tips on how to be a savvy seller:


  • Don’t be afraid of using an online service, it puts you in control and you can talk directly to buyers. With Purplebricks you don’t have to wait for the high street shop to open or an estate agent to answer the phone. It’s all online and you can instantly see viewings being booked.
  • There’s great value in being able to build a direct relationship with your buyer. It means you can control the process and ensures you both get the best experience
  • Use your agent to help you get your home sale ready and to negotiate the best possible price.
  • Declutter, clean and clean again! It’s so important the buyer gets a great first impression and a clean and tidy house goes a long way towards that.
  • Make sure the kitchen worktops are clear and free from any clutter. It will make the room look bigger and a clean kitchen is always more attractive to buyers. 
  • First impressions count so make sure you complete any small jobs - such as fixing the shower head, painting the lounge or mending the broken garden fence. Try and see the house with fresh eyes from a buyer’s point of view.

And here’s some tips from Andrea’s Local Property Expert Mark:

  • The photos of your property are so important and must really make your property stand out so always try to declutter (remove cars from drive, tea towels off ovens, matts off the floor and clear the sides). 
  • Try and keep the colour pallet neutral to attract more buyers. 
  • Gardens are huge selling points especially in family homes so make these presentable and tidy.  
  • It is worth considering furnishing an empty property so buyers can visualise the space.  
  • Make sure you market your property at a Rightmove price point so you will reach more buyers when they search. 

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