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Flexible working: Do Estate Agents care?

It has long been the case that many estate agents just fall into the industry. Usually it is very early in people’s career, their first or second job. They start as a junior negotiator and work their way through the ranks, typically very quickly. Estate Agents earn a decent income for their age and skills as a direct comparison to other industries and many are believed to have a work hard, play hard ethos.

Having personally followed this trend, I know full well that there is often a choice - burn out and leave the industry, work harder to meet growing demands or venture out on your own. The work hard, play hard lifestyle sometimes doesn’t permit excellent people to start their own business, as well as personal lifestyle choices or circumstances standing in the way. So what are the options?

From 30th June, the law has changed meaning that any employee will have the right to ask their employer to change their working patterns.

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