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Filming The Perfect Property Video

Give potential buyers a real feel for your home without leaving their sofas by sending us a video tour of your property. We’re not currently filming video tours ourselves at this time in support for the Coronavirus restriction but we’re happy for you to film and send us your own video clips. Don’t worry - we’ll sort the editing, tidy them up for you and add them to your advert for you.

All you’ll need is your digital camera or smartphone and follow our 5 simple tips to get you started:

  • Take a separate video of each room. Each video clip should be around 7-10 seconds. By videoing each room separately you won’t need to reshoot the whole video if something in one room changes. 
  • Try and keep your phone or camera at the same height as you walk around your property, and this needs to be tilted to landscape. Think about your head height and what you see.
  • Keep a steady pace as you walk around and when you enter a room slowly turn the camera from one side of the room to the other so it’s easier for the buyer to get a proper feel for each room.
  • If there are any special features you would like to show off, then slowly walk towards them so viewers can get a good look.
  • Don’t worry about any background noise that is made when videoing as your Local Expert will edit these out afterwards.


Once you’re happy with the video, send the clips to your Local Property Expert and they’ll get them edited and upload the video tour to your property listing. It is that simple. 

Any questions? Your Local Property Expert will be on hand to help at every step.

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