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Growing Family? Tips to help parents sell

By Suzanne Roynon, Interiors Therapist

two people sat with cardboard moving boxes on their head with a smiley face drawn on them

For parents who already have a young family and a new baby on the way, the thought of having to pack up and move is both scary and exciting. The great thing is, you're totally motivated to sell, your goal to be happily esconded in your new home well ahead of the new arrival is more than achievable.

Your Purplebricks Local Property Expert fully understands the urgency of the situation and will support and advise you every step of the way. It's in everyone's best interest to ensure the process flows smoothly with minimal stress for you and your young family.

The most important element of getting the ideal sale is to 'know your buyer'. Your Local Property Expert will offer great advice and help you understand the sort of people most likely to buy your home.

So what are the priorities to consider for achieving a good, fast sale? Think back to when you chose your current home. What made it perfect for the lifestyle you had then and how have you changed it since you moved in?

If your home is most likely to appeal to people without children - perhaps young professionals or people who aren't ready for a family, then you'll need to style your home to appeal to a wide market.

kitchen work surface image

Always start with a major de-clutter. It's essential to give the impression of masses of useful space to suggest a lifestyle your buyer will aspire to. Kitchen work-surfaces cluttered with brightly coloured plastic beakers, nursery art and fridge magnets will make the space look small and pokey, whereas clear worktops and a gleaming coffee machine will give the impression of space and luxury.

Go through every cupboard, shelf and alcove to clear anything you don't need, use or love. There will be many things you don't really want or need, and it's well worth clearing them to make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Yes, you may have the baby clothes, cot and car seat from last time round, BUT your buyer wants to move into a space with room to relax, or to have friends and family around. If you need to hide items out of plain view, ask family or friends to take care of them or invest in a storage unit, but only until you complete the move.

organised toy storage in childs room

For the period of time you are marketing your home, you want it to appeal to as many potential purchasers as possible, whether they are young professionals or an older downsizing couple. Whilst recognising you still need to live and function as a family, aim to reduce the impact of your children's toys, books and paintings. Streamline the space by asking your children to select a couple of favourite toys and use a toy box to put them out of sight during viewings. Store the rest until you move into your new property. Your home will immediately feel bigger and brighter and your children will be thrilled to rediscover 'new' things to play with after the move.

Decluttering helps keep a busy household tidy and you feel the benefits straight away. However, maintaining the extra level of sparkle for many ad hoc viewings can be a struggle. For this reason, the least stressful option is to organise an open-house and ask your Local Property Expert to manage it while you go away for the day or weekend. It's much easier to show a house at its best if you're not juggling toddlers whilst prospective purchasers are looking around.