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Does '24 hour estate agency' really matter?

When you look at Purplebricks and see 'the world's first 24/7 estate agency' you will be forgiven for thinking who cares and why would anyone want to interact with an estate agency at 2am. Does it really matter? I think so, and, more importantly so do our customers. Why?

We always intended for Purplebricks to be more cost effective, convenient and transparent. We intended for it be deliver a more instant service that could be accessed by anyone at any time day or night. Did we know at the time that people would care? Did we know they would take advantage of the service or even enjoy it? Of course not - like anything new and innovative you hope your customers will enjoy the experience but can never be certain.

Selling, buying or letting a property is stressful, partly because the process is full of 'unknowns'. We wanted to help with that. These days it is also much more fast paced. Active buyers are out there viewing, making offers and agreeing to purchase. They are on Rightmove and Zoopla at all hours and are alerted the moment a property comes to the market in their area and price range. Every one of them is important and sellers cannot afford to miss out to another seller.

How many people have had to wait to book someone to come out to give them a valuation? How many have desperately wanted to arrange a viewing or make an offer but cant because the estate agent is closed? How many people want to negotiate the sale but have to wait for the office to open? Have you every wondered what is happening, how many people have seen your property, viewed it or given feedback? Or have you have agreed a sale and want to know how things are progressing? Have you ever wondered in this day and age why you should have to wait? We have.

The ability for sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants to do things instantly at any time 24 hours a day has proved very successful. 57% of all of our activity is undertaken by customers outside normal estate agency hours. Customers are booking valuations, arranging viewings, making offers and agreeing sales when it suits them and from wherever they are in the world at all times of the night and at weekends.

Knowing exactly what is happening as it is happening has also proved very successful with our customers. Being able to obtain performance reports, instant access to feedback after viewings and make contact with us 24 hours a day has left most people asking why this was not the norm before.

Our 24/7 service really does matter. It is so much more convenient and you have peace of mind in knowing immediately that things have been done and done properly. That is why we have a customer satisfaction rating that is first class.

Join the revolution! Selling or letting your home has just got so much easier.

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