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Boost your kerb-appeal with Purplebricks & Craig Phillips

Make the Best First Impression with the ultimate DIY guide and get summer sale ready 

We’ve teamed up with DIY expert, Craig Phillips, to create a series of how-tos to help you make your home stand out from the crowd. 

With virtual viewings becoming the new normal, a staggering one in six Brits would now be prepared to make an offer on their dream without setting foot in the front door, being happy to rely on online photos and VIRTUAL viewings. 

So first impressions really do count. 

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY expert or a total novice, Craig will show you how to transform your space to give your home kerb-appeal and make the most of your outside space from balconies and backyards to multifunctional garden oases. 

Since Covid-19, the property market has undergone a dramatic transformation with virtual viewings and sales becoming an increasingly popular trend. Two fifths of Brits believe that virtual viewings will now become the norm. 

 So, how can you boost the kerb-appeal of your home? According to our recent survey, a bold front door that makes a bold statement is one of the top things that makes a house stand out from the crowd. Here, Craig shows you how you can give yours a simple, yet head-turning makeover. 

 How-to Revamp Your Front Door 

Preparation for UPVC door: 
1: Clean the surface down with concentrated sugar soap and then rinse with clean water. 
2: Dry it off, then the surface needs a light sanding with a sanding pad. Lightly sand over all the surfaces which will help the paint adhere to the surface. 
3: Mask up the glazing window and handles. Use a two part masking kit where the masking tape is already connected to the polythene to make it easier and quicker to cover large areas. 
4: Painting the door: 
  • You can apply paint with a paintbrush or a handheld sprayer. Using a paint sprayer is quicker and gives a more professional result. You also won’t have to wait for it to completely dry before you apply a second coat of paint, and you can then remove the masking tape before the paint dries. 
  • If you are using a paint brush you will need to wait for the first coat to be completely dry before you apply the second coat and remove the masking tape. 
  • Use an exterior paint formulated to be weatherproof and for different materials 
  • You can also take this a step further and get creative by using bold and bright colours and adding door accessories such as a new door knob, a knocker or a letter box 

But while the front door will make your home pop, it’s no good if the rest of the frontage is a mess. Purplebricks Divisional Sales Director, Angela Wallace, says: 

 “The front of your house is the window to your home. If it looks well cared for, people will think the inside is equally well cared for.” 

She has these top three tips for adding kerb-appeal: 

1. Colour is important. Consider a window planter or hanging baskets with bright, colourful and seasonal flowers to frame your home 
2. If you have bins out the front, make sure they’re tidied away or better still covered 
3. Make sure all those little jobs are done, that the weeding has been done and the fence is painted 

 “We’ve seen an increase in sales from virtual viewings recently, so making your home stand out online is more important than ever before.” 

“Property demands have changed and in the current climate it’s all about space, space, space.” 

It’s all about that space and 44% of homebuyers are now looking for space both inside and outdoors which can be maximised to its full potential - with 47% believing that not only is a garden essential, but it’s important it works as a multifunctional extra room.

Make the most of your outside space. From backyards to gardens, make it a haven for relaxing and a place for entertaining.

According to a recent survey of people across the UK, a garden bar and a vertical garden are top of the trends that would appeal to house hunters. 

 Turn your garden into the ultimate destination bar for friends and family with Craig’s garden bar how-to: 

1: Planning 
  • Start by drawing out the design, shape and size of your bar. For this bar the dimensions I have used will be 900mm height, 1050mm wide and 400mm depth. 
  • You can pick up pallet wood for free from local farm shops, builders' yards or DIY garden centres. 
  • Alternatively, if you don’t use pallet wood you can use smooth or rough sawn timber. With either timber ensure it is tantalised or pressure treated timber suitable for outdoor use. 

2: Prepare your wood 
  • Dismantle all pallets, de-nailing all the wood, cutting it down to size and prepare the surfaces by sanding smooth the old pallet wood. 

3: Structure 
  • Then measure and cut all the parts of the wood to create a kit to assemble. 
  • Using thick skids complete two sides of the frame then brace these together using two top skids and a central one for a shelf using longer length screws to secure them together. 

4: Cladding 
  • Now the frame is complete all you need to do is clad the front and side of your bar with the timber or pallet slats 
  • We will use the top slats of the pallet, you can either fix them on to the frame with a rough edge or you can sand them down and get a smoother finish. 
  • Apply a line of glue along the main structure and place the slats on top with the sanded top facing upwards. Then nail the slat into the structure using sunken head 40mm nails. 

5: Bar top 
  • Use an 18mm OSB external shutter board to cut it to size using a circular saw and guide. This could also be cut down with a hand saw if you don’t have power tools. 

6: Painting 
  • Use a paint sprayer or paintbrush and give it two coats to give it a weatherproof finish. 
  • For the finish on the bar top use an external browning furniture wax applied with a large paint brush. If space is limited and even if it’s not, a vertical garden is a simple yet genius way to show off your creativity. 

Here Craig shows you just how easy it is to reach new heights of creativity: 
Vertical Garden Wall 
These can be made out of old pallet wood of any size. Pallets usually come in 3 different sizes 4ft, 6ft and 8ft long. They are a really simple and effective trick for adding colourful decoration to your front, side or back walls or fences.