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Meet the Team: Memish Huseyin

Welcome back readers. We’re rounding off the first week of our ‘Meet the Team’ series by heading way down south to Brighton for a chat with a favourite amongst our ranks, Memish Huseyin. So without any further ado…

Simon: What’s great about Brighton Memish?

Memish: Brighton is built on a foundation of trust, tolerance and the curiously adventurous spirit of the original Brightonians. They’re fabulous people. Without them this relatively new city would be no different to some of Britain’s other seaside resorts that have faded to grey during the last two recessions. Today Brighton is a melting pot of different cultures, artistic expression and joy. It's a chilled out place, but not lazy. The bohemian party town does a lot of business and that has spilled out onto neighbouring towns making this region one of the South’s most affluent.

Simon: Is the new 20% peak time public transport discount in East Sussex a further example of Brighton’s draw as commuter hot spot?

Memish: Schemes such as this are very well intended and they benefit a great deal of people. However, they are perceived by many as an unfair redistribution of funds. As Brighton takes on the challenge to avoid financial penalties by reducing emissions to acceptable levels set by the EU, it has come into conflict with motorists. Last year parking enforcement raised some £18 million in revenue which is far higher than the government allows local authorities to generate. The profits were then channelled into road improvement schemes that gave us a 20 mile speed limit, lanes lost to buses and subsidised public transport.

Simon: What advice would you give first time buyers?

Memish: Don't delay. Look into first time buyer schemes, accept all the help available and get on the property ladder as soon as you can. Check out shared ownership schemes. Rental prices in Brighton are sky high and still rising. If you're going to pay rent, it may as well be for a flat or house that you have a right to own outright one day. Think about renting out a room or find someone who also wants to buy for the first time and share the burden.

Simon: What elements can de-value your house?

Memish: In some cases, your neighbours and badly executed home improvements.

Simon: What elements can increase the value of your house?

Memish: We tend to focus on the positives when we think about selling our homes. My advice is to look for reasons not to buy. If you find them and do something about it, you stand a better chance of achieving the very best price. 

Simon: In what ways did you expect the Election to impact the property industry and have they happened?

Memish: A seller calls their agent and asks "why isn't my house selling?" The agent gasps for air, their head spins with anxiety and in desperation answers "buyers are waiting to see what happens after an election." I found that sellers were listing their properties and buyers were buying regardless - they still are. The agent should have re-appraised their customer’s home, examine feedback from viewings and studied similar homes that had sold rather than reach for a convenient excuse.

Simon: How would you describe the culture at Purplebricks?

Memish: Obsessively customer focused. I've never known an organisation like it. Creating an outstanding customer experience is utterly infectious! I see our business model adopted as a template by other industries. We're already seeing changes in ours.

Simon: How would you assess the performance of the industry so far in 2015?

Memish: I’m very critical of this industry and have for the past year remained focused, almost blinkered, on my market and that of my customers. 

Simon: We’ll finish off with some off topic quick fire questions... early bird or night owl?

Memish: Night Owl

Simon: Football or Rugby?

Memish: Rugby

Simon: Superman or Batman? 

Memish: Superman

Simon: Winter or Summer? 

Memish: Winter 

Simon: Coffee or Tea? 

Memish: Tea

Simon: And finally……..what’s your best joke? 

Memish: Duck walks into a bar and asks the barman, got any grapes?

Barman: No.

Duck: Got any grapes?

Barman: No! 

Duck: Got any grapes??

Barman: No!! If you ask me if I have any grapes one more time, I’m gonna nail your stupid duck beak to the bar!!

Duck: Got any nails?

Barman: NO!!??

Duck: Got any grapes? 

About Memish

Memish began his career in estate agency having had the benefit of experiencing, first hand, all that is good about estate agency and all that is not so good. His memory of those events enabled him, over the last 15 years, to maintain a set of values that has earned Memish a reputation for being very customer focused. His hard working ethic coupled with his honesty and integrity has allowed him to create lasting relationships with his previous customers.

If you’d like to contact Memish regarding property in Brighton, you can do so via:

Twitter: @memishhpb


Alternately, if you'd like to find your Local Property Expert simply click here 

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