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Can Periscope and Meerkat make a mark on the Property Industry?

By now you’ve probably become accustomed to roaming social media on Facebook and Twitter, right?

Perhaps you’ve taken a dip and ventured into the Instagram or Pinterest waters. Needless to say, you could well be juggling five to six social networks at once. If that’s indeed the case then make some more room. Two new users have entered the game. 

Their names? Meerkat and Periscope. 

These two platforms allow users to instantly stream live video from their phone which can be broadcast to their followers, friends or online community. It’s not an innovative idea by any stretch but it’s one that’s taken off in part thanks to the power of the modern mobile. 

Periscope is the MVP. Purchased by Twitter early this year for a reported $100 Million. Meerkat on the other hand revels in its indie persona following its breakout at this year’s South by Southwest technology festival.

But in what regard can live steaming apps impact the property industry?

It’d be no surprise to see live streaming used to broadcast Open Days. Allowing followers and potential buyers the opportunity to tour round a property from the comfort of their own home.  Although a convenient idea, customers will always want to experience the aesthetic of a property in person before purchase. Indeed it’s something all our Local Property Experts encourage. 

What about customer service? Both apps have come into question recently as the services have been used to stream TV and Films illegally, causing a headache for broadcasters and movie studios. But the headache could soon stretch to businesses in the form of users live streaming poor customer service.  A potential PR hazard in live video form.

How about using them to develop brand awareness and personality? Q&A’s, Industry commentary and behind the scenes streams are all options that will certainly arise during brain storming sessions. Each have their merits and value in a bid to produce more compelling and personalised content to audiences.  

Meerkat and Periscope may soon have a place in the property industry. For the time being journalism commentary and funny pet videos will take precedence. After all, both platforms are still growing and finding their audiences in this congested digital age. 

But once they explode, and I fully expect them to, brands and business will see no reason not to get their stream on.

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