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How To Improve Your Kerb Appeal

I doubt you got far into the selling process before someone, perhaps your Local Property Expert, educated you on the importance of kerb appeal - they weren't lying. Kerb appeal can be the make or break of selling and improving it doesn't take much effort at all. See below five ways you can transform your home to looking like it belongs on Wisteria Lane.


Your front and garage doors are frequently noted as the first element buyers eyes are drawn to upon arrival, so it's important they look presentable. Being open to the elements 365 days a year will whittle down even the most weather resistant door. So give them a few coats of paint - we recommend crimson to really make your home stand out!

Neaten Your Shrubbery

Consider this the haircut of your property. Especially in the summer months when gardens are coming into bloom. A neat lush lawn and healthy flower patch will work wonders when attempting to sell. Make sure dead plants and weeds are removed entirely from walk ways also. Buyers want value for money and aren't going to be keen on purchasing a home that the current residents have shown little care for - both inside and out!


You may have heard this buzzword in relation to the interior of your property, but alas, de cluttering is as relevant to your exterior as to your interior. Where possible hide away bins, hoses and other items that will attract interested eyes away from the features of your exterior. You want buyers looking at the positives of your home rather than the overflowing recycling bin parked next to the front door.

House Numbering

You wouldn't necessarily consider the impact your house numbering has on the look of your property, but a sleek design and font can add some real class to your property. 


Grab yourself a power hose and let rip on your dirt stained driveway. You've probably never seen its true colour before, now's your chance! Make certain the approach to your property is one to remember for all the right reasons. 

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