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Get your property seen on the UK's number one property listing site, absolutely free.
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Why do Purplebricks advertise on Rightmove?

Because they're the largest property portal in the UK, meaning there's nowhere better to have your property advertised...

How do Purplebricks advertise on Rightmove?

Your property is automatically listed on Rightmove, absolutely free. For even more visibility, you can upgrade to a Premium Listing, Featured Property (or both) for a small fee, so your property can stand out from the crowd.

Standard Listing


Get seen on the UK’s top property listing site at no extra cost.

  • Active until sold
  • 2 thumbnail photos

Premium Listing


Stand out with double the amount of preview photos and a highlighted listing for 20% more views*.

  • Active for 12 months
  • 4 thumbnail photos
  • Sustained interest over a longer period of time
*According to Rightmove data, February 2018, properties with a Premium Listing see an average uplift in detail views of 20% when compared to a Standard Listing.

Featured Property


Get your property seen at the top of the page as well as having its own Standard Listing for twice the visibility.

  • Active for 2 weeks
  • 3 thumbnail photos
  • Get seen first
  • Intense interest over a short period

Featured Property & Premium Listing


Combine both our offerings to get multiple listings and increased visibility to reach more buyers.

  • Featured Property active for 2 weeks
  • Then premium Listing active for 12 months
  • £25 discount
  • Maintain short and long term interest

See how your advert is performing…

From how many times your property has appeared in search results to how many people have viewed it, see exactly how well your advert is performing, and make changes at any time.

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Rightmove FAQs

Rightmove has more than one million listed properties advertised. While this is not every property for sale in the UK, they are the number one property listing site in the UK, listing more homes than any other website.

There are 1.1 million UK residential properties advertised on Rightmove, which is more than any other UK portal. (Rightmove data, July 2019)

No, Rightmove does not provide estate agent services. It is simply a property listings website that hosts properties for sales and properties to let from a number of estate agents across the UK.

You can’t currently list your property on Rightmove privately. Purplebricks pays a monthly subscription fee in order to allow us to list your property on Rightmove to gain access to millions of potential buyers and tenants. Because we list so many properties, we are able to benefit from lower costs, with the savings we make being reflected in the low fees we charge our customers.

A Rightmove Premium Listing costs £125. It lasts for 12 months for sales, and 3 months for lets. It allows your property to get more visibility with potential buyers and tenants by highlighting the property and providing twice the amount of photo thumbnail previews than a standard property listing, with 4 images. This means your property is likely to get more property views as a result. Premium Listings get longevity of interest over a long period of time.

A Rightmove Featured Property costs £149 for 2 weeks, and ensures your property will be one of the first to be seen in searches that match its criteria. The advert also provides a larger photo thumbnail preview than a standard property as well as an additional photo with 3 images. The advert is also highlighted in a teal box to gain more visibility, meaning it is likely to get more views. Featured Properties get intense interest over a short period of time.

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