Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee T&Cs (“MBG”)

“Fee” means: The money you paid to Purplebricks to market your Property. It does not include an EPC or Home Report or any legal fees which are excluded from the MBG

“MBG” means: a guarantee made by Purplebricks to the Vendor(s) to reimburse the Vendor(s) the Fee for marketing the Property on any portal in the event the Vendor(s) does not receive a Proceedable Credible Offer within the 10 months of the Property being published and is subject to the terms below

“Property” means: the published Property for sale by the Vendor(s) with Purplebricks

“Proceedable Credible Offer” means: an offer in excess of 90% of the valuation price where the prospective buyer passes required checks, including Anti Money Laundering, provision of valid proof of funds and source of funds

When does the MBG offer start and end?
The MBG offer commences on 10 May 2021 and ends on 20 June 2021. Any MBG’s entered into during this period will be honoured for the 10 month period as per below

Initial terms upon instruction
The Vendor(s) must have a valuation by a Local Property Company (an LPC)
There is no access to the MBG should the customer self-instruct directly via the website
The Vendor(s) must accept the Property valuation provided by the LPC. If the customer wishes to publish the Property above the valuation provided the MBG is void
The Vendor(s) can publish the Property at less than the valuation price and still be eligible for the MBG
The 10 month period after which the MBG can be redeemed if no Proceedable Credible Offer has been made commences on the first date the property is published by Purplebricks on any property portal and ends 10 months thereafter

Terms to maintain MBG validity
 Purplebricks must be given sufficient time to market the Property. The Vendor(s) is therefore required to continuously publish the Property with Purplebricks for a minimum period of 10 months. If the Vendor withdraws the Property before the end of the 10 month period the MGB is void and no refund will be made. If the Vendor appoints an additional agent and an offer is accepted via this additional agent before the expiry of the 10 month period, it will be classed as withdrawing the property and no refund will be made
The Vendor(s) must accept all Property viewings. Any cancelled Property viewings must be offered a reasonable alternative date and time
 If an offer is made and accepted and not facilitated via the Purplebricks platform then the MBG is void. If a MBG has already been paid to the Vendor(s) and it becomes apparent that a sale was negotiated within the 10 month period but without using the Purplebricks platform then the Vendor(s) must repay the MGB within 14 days of a request by Purplebricks

Time limit for making your claim against this guarantee
The Vendor(s) has 6 months in which to make a claim against the guarantee. This time period commences the day after the the Property has been published for 10 months without receiving a Proceedable Credible Offer and ends 6 months thereafter. No claims can be accepted after this time period.

What happens after your claim?
If the Vendor(s) claim is accepted and a refund is made the contract will end and the Property will no longer be marketed. The Vendor(s) will be offered the chance to remarket the property and a further MGB can be entered into.

The Money Back Guarantee is available in selected postcodes only (BB, BD, BL, HD, HX, L, LS, M, S, WF)