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Purplebricks Opens Door to Australia

I’ve got that song “A Land Down Under” in my head. You know, the one by Men at Work. It’s been an ap [More]

Purplebricks Float On The London Stock Exchange

It’s easy to criticise many startups that you think don’t stand a cat in hell’s chance of succeeding [More]

Purchasing Property in Paradise

As more and more holiday-goers follow their dreams to own property abroad, having that second home in a favourite holiday hotspot is something that’s more popular than ever! However, choosing a location and property that’s right for you can be a huge decision that needs some serious thought behind it. [More]

How to Make the Most Out of Your Property Viewing

Although extremely exciting, buying a property can be a daunting process, particularly when taking the initial steps and first viewing houses. There will be a vast amount to take in when first looking around a property, which means key factors can be easily overlooked. [More]

Stamp Duty - the winners and losers

The Chancellor today announced the reform of stamp duty, stating that it would be more beneficial fo [More]

House prices – exciting times ahead

Last week we heard that the property market is starting to cool and that house price inflation has p [More]